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Add JavaScript and manipulate HTTP headers on any part of your domain. Compatible with any backend.


Add JavaScript and manipulate HTTP headers on any part of your domain. Compatible with any backend.

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Learn about nested header configurations


Precise header and code control packed into powerful, route-based configurations

Unlimited ConfigurationsWant to add or remove headers on several different routes? Set up as many as you need
Intuitive UISet up Fortify in a few minutes with our easy to use user interface
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Route-based ConfigurationsAdd or remove headers on all incoming traffic or specify individual or glob-based routes
Got <script>?Inject as many scripts as you need on any wildcard-compatible route on your doamin
Powerful glob matchingUse powerful glob patterns like ** to add or remove headers on any matching traffic.
Managed Security Headers
Fortify your site with one-click configurable security headers:
  • Content Security Policy
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • Referrer Policy
  • XSS Protection
  • MIME type sniffing
  • Browser caching
  • Site embeddability
  • DNS prefetching
  • Fingerprinting
Enforce HTTPSRedirect insecure HTTP requests to HTTPS and forbid insecure POST data in one click


Discover how Fortify gives you precise header and code control in these bite sized lessons

Modify your HTTP headersLearn how to add or remove HTTP headers on incoming traffic


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Unlimited route configurationsAdd JavaScript to any routeFine-grain HTTP header controlManaged security headersEnforce HTTPS


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